3D Photo Animator 976057

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3D Photo Animator 976057 - DaVinci Resolve Macros
RESOLVE 17 | 3840X2160 (4K) | No Plugins Required | RAR 52.31 MB


3D Photo Animator - Let your photos come to life! An awesome macro effect for Davinci Resolve that adds depth to your static images. Turn any portrait, landscape or party still image into an immersive three-dimensional animation. Just apply one of the 3 macros (zoom, horizontal and vertical camera movement) on your media and customize the 3D perspective mask. Create an awesome family slideshow, wedding opener or make amazing 3D ads on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. A perfect 3D tool for all photographers and YouTubers. A Step-by-step video tutorial for beginners is included.


24.07.2021 gringrey 195