Aescripts Helium v8.0 for After Effects [WiN]

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Aescripts Helium v8.0 for After Effects [WiN]
After Effects 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020 | File size: 270 MB

Text to Image - Generate images from prompts
Image to Image - Generate Images using a start image
Style - Use dozens of style presets to keep your prompts short and get stunning results
Control - Use ControlNet to better control the result image
Seamless - Create seamless images to use as textures
Models - Import custom SDXL modes

Volume - Render 3D Smoke effects from VDB files
Volumetric Lights – Create a volumetric light effect that respects the rest of the 3D scene
Abstract - create stunning organic effects using procedural noise generators
Terrain – Create terrain surfaces from height maps
Cloners - Clone your 3D objects in various array shapes such as grid or circle
Spline – Create a 3D spline from a mask or lights
Mirror – Add a planar mirror to your scene
Wireframe - Add a 3D wireframe , rendering objects along the object edges and vertices
Helium Comp – Add an entire Helium setup from another layer or comp
Procedural Cloners - Clone using an algorithm
Fog - Add Fog Effect
Material Library - Material presets
Assets library - Presets for text and Materials.

What's New
8.0 (Current version) - Oct 20, 2023
- AE 2024 Installer Support

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