Aescripts Pastiche 2 Win/Mac

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Aescripts Pastiche 2 Win/Mac
After Effects | Version CC 2021 and higher | File Size 10.1 MB

Def: “A pastiche is an artwork that copies the style of another work or that combines various, distinct styles together into one work.”

New distribution method that pushes the layers towards the darkest or the most opaque areas.
Allows a more regular and natural distribution
of the layers on the collage.
You can choose between 2 modes: based on alpha or luminance.
You can control the precision of the distribution
to fine tune the regularity of the collage.

Apply Color
You can now set the color (fill, outline or both) of your shape layers according to your source!
You can also apply random colors or use a predefined one. You will be able to create totally incredible animations thanks to this.

Make your animations loop have never been so simple!
Just choose the new Use First Value option available in every Transform parameter and let Pastiche2 do the work for you.

New animation styles!
We added two new spatial interpolation methods:
- Step will force the layers to move along the horizontal and vertical axes
- Elastic will add elasticity to the motion.

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