Filmblade 16MM Film Grain and Textures

Video Footage

Filmblade 16MM Film Grain and Textures
cube,mov,wav | 4K Resolution | File Size 10 GB

Product feature:
4K Resolution
16MM Film Color Presets and 16MM Film SFX included
Segmented overlays for precise control
Beginner to professional creators
Apple Pro-Res 4:2:2 10 second Loops
23.86 Frame Rate

Filmblade – 16MM Film Grain and Textures Pack contains
4K Coarse Grain
4K Fine Grain
4K Medium Grain
4K Vertical Alphabets Texture 01
4K Vertical Alphabets Texture 02
4K White Static Texture 01
4K White Static Texture 02
4K Blue Overscan Noise Texture 01
4K Tramline Overlay Texture
4K 16MM Frame 01
4K 16MM Frame 02
4K 16MM Sprockets 01
4K 16MM Sprockets 02
4K 16MM Filmburn Transition 01
4K 16MM Filmburn Transition 02
4K 16MM Filmurn Transition 03
4K 16MMFilmburn Transition 04
HQ FILM SFX (Sound) .wav Files X10
Kodak Ektachrome Recreational LUTs X3
Kodak Kodachrome Recreational LUTs X2


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