FilmVision V2 Powergrade (Davinci Resolve)

DaVinci Resolve Templates

FilmVision V2 Powergrade
Program Name : DaVinci Resolve | File Size 117.4 MB

True film emulation for any digital footage.
If you’ve shot any motion picture film whether that be 8mm/16mm/35mm. Then this workflow is going to be very familiar to you. You will manipulate the contrast and color temperature to achieve your desired look.

1. Easy & fast
In a matter of seconds, you can get a beautiful Kodak Vision3 500T/250D look.

2. Flexible
You have full control over the look you’re going for. This will also work with any camera log profile.

3. Accurate
One of the most accurate film emulations on the market due to the nature of the workflow.


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