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Videohive - History Timeline 38665849
Version Apple Motion 5, Final Cut Pro X | 1920x1080 | No Plugins Required | RAR 103.8 MB


"History Timeline" is an easy to use Apple Motion 5.5.3 and Latest FCPX compatible project Useful to create the Organization Timeline, Timeline Videos, promos, openers, intros. Create your Slideshow or Presentation about History and Memories or Family Timeline for your beloved ones to evoke nostalgic feelings among the viewers. Useful to sum up the last year to present at your organization’s meetings, presentations or present the reports or the efforts at annual meetings and show the progress of the project and display the major events that happened in previous years at your non profit organization or your society. You can use it in your YouTube Channels and Video Blogs and show your viewers about the history and bring back the sense of nostalgia. Also useful to create a documentary video of your organization and its efforts for the society. Perfect for Memorial day, Independence Day and Veterans day videos. Useful to create video or photo slideshow (with mix of portrait and landscape images), show reel for the special events like birthday and family get together Useful to create video or photo slideshow, show reel and other special events.


23.07.2022 gringrey 46