MotionVFX mTutorial - Project For Final Cut Pro X
Premiere Pro , Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve | Horizontal or vertical | Size 248.0 MB

See how this plugin simplifies the creation process and boosts the visuals of your tutorials.

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Learn how you can make your educational videos better, more coherent, and aesthetically appealing.

Easy solutions and useful tools

Choose from a multitude of presets to easily highlight, indicate or zoom in on points of interest on the screen, add mouse or keyboard hints, and present technical details with clarity.

Convey information and engage your viewers

Create comparisons, annotate your project with essential information and point out technical details, all thanks to diversified presets combining typography, motion graphics, and drop zones for your footage.

A multitude of elements for a wide range of uses

Tutorials and training
Remote lessons and lectures
Video courses
Thematic channels
Conferences and events

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