Particle Dissolve Titles 1161402

DaVinci Resolve Templates

Particle Dissolve Titles 1161402
DaVinci Resolve Version 17 and higher | 3840x2160 (4K) | No Plugin | RAR 29.2 MB

Do you like the disintegration effect? With this pack for Davinci Resolve, you can create epic disintegrated titles with dissolving particles. Choose from 9 animation styles and customize the particle animation - you can change the appearance of text dissolve animation such as the number of particles, strength of turbulence noise effect, glow amount, etc. It works with any font, color, and size. Disintegrate your titles now and create a cinematic text opening sequence, movie trailer, luxury fashion, or awards video! Use it in advertising videos, commercials, weddings, kids, dreamy, or any corporate or business presentation, event promo, or real estate videos.

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