Pop Up Effect Macro 978376

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Pop Up Effect Macro 978376
DaVinci Resolve Version 17 and higher | 3840x2160 (4K) | No Plugin | RAR 40.4 MB

Bounce Pop-Up Effect is a macro for Davinci Resolve to display additional or multiple videos or photos on the screen at once. Just drag and drop this fully customizable PIP (Picture in Picture) effect directly to the video/photo, change size and position, animation speed and style (direction of camera movement, zoom, rotation), make the movement interesting (modern easing, bounce or elastic animation) and customize the mask (rectangle, square, circle). Enrich your business presentation, webinar, online course, tutorial, event promotion, corporate videos, family slideshows. PopUp effects Pack is a perfect animation tool for all video Davinci Resolve editors. You can use it also on your logo, titles, or any image to create a seamless transition. Make your social media videos professional! Videos used in the preview are from pexels.com. A video tutorial is included in the package.

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