Tom Bolles Cineprint16 Powergrade v2

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Tom Bolles Cineprint16 Powergrade v2 - for Davinci Resolve
Program Name : DaVinci Resolve | File Size 61.9 MB

Node-based negative and print film emulations for Davinci Resolve.
CinePrint16 is a film emulation PowerGrade for Davinci Resolve. More than a LUT or a plug-in, CinePrint16 is a full node-based image-processing pipeline that allows colorists and cinematographers to recreate 8mm, 16mm, and 35mm celluloid film looks. The PowerGrade contains a variety of built-in looks and options, while also being fully customizable to suit the needs of any project.

The grade implements visual features of celluloid film such as halation, rich and nuanced saturation, subtractive color mixing, highlight rolloff, gate weave, grain, and dust. Every feature within the node tree is fully customizable.

Built-in looks include a Cineon negative telecine look, Kodak 2383 and Fuji 3513 print film looks, and a vintage 60’s film look.
The looks can be further customized with adjustments to halation, subtractive color density, CIELAB color separation, and CIELAB color matrices.


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