US Elections Infographics 25903012

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Videohive - US Elections Infographics 25903012
Version Final Cut Pro X | 3840x2160 | No Plugins Required | RAR 387.5 MB

The project is ideal to create infographics of the political campaign, election results and other map related infographics regarding the United States. It contains various modular elements that can be combined, maps of the United States with each state highlightable for a visual representation of the voting result, graphical representation of voters demographics, vote preference and voter profile for each candidate, voter gender, income, education, religion, race and more. The project was created especially to be used and easily edited with Final Cut Pro X. Colors, map outlines, color and state names, bar graph size, number of bars, percentages, currently, number of voters and much more can be easily edited.


30.05.2023 gringrey 46